UNEP Full Form | What is the Full Form of UNEP ?

By | February 2, 2018

UNEP FULL FORM ~ Are you searching the full form of unep so you are visited in the right place. Today i will talk about UNEP and know the basic knowledge about unep, meaning and full form etc. UNEP is an agency of united states and coordinates it’s environment activities, assisting develping countries in implementing environmentally sound policies & practices. UNEP Programme was founded by Maurice Strong, he is first directo of unep. The company was formation in 5 June 1972. Now we know the full form of unep.

Full Form Of UNEP | UNEP Full Form

UNEP Full Form | Full Form oF UNEP

UNEP Full Form | Full Form oF UNEP

So Guy’s first of all we know full form of UNEP then some basic knowledge about this and finally in last i will provide you a video clip of unep. And the logo of unep is above in the pic & full form is given below.

U = United

N = Nations

E = Environment

P = Programme

The Full Form of UNEP is “United Nations Environment Programme”. Hope you understand, Because this is very important word and we should to learnt it. Now the present director of UNEP is Erik Solheim since 2016. He is a young man and from Norway. If you want to more information about UNEP so visit this wikipedia link or watch the given below video.

What Is UNEP And it’s full form

Hope You understand and got your answer what is the full form of unep with about basic knowledge. In this article we discussed about unep full form and what is this. If you have any suggestion and need full form so mention your comments below in the comment box. I shares daily new information here so Stay connected with us and increase your knowledge.

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